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Vehicle: 2020 Pacifica Hybrid Limited
Issue: Front screen locks or No theater access to control. Sometimes it auto reset the icon or setting automatically. I just purchased car recently...
Question: How to soft reset uconnect? What is Chrysler doing to resolve this issue?

I saw few forums around the issue of the screen get locked or no theatre control from the front dashboard or u cant literally do anything.

I stop by the dealership today and asked about Uconnect issues and soft reset. I tried all the methods from the forum and they do not work. I really wanted to avoid pulling out the fuse. Today, Dealership tech basically told me 3 things

1. We know there is an issue and there is nothing much we can do since it is a software issue. You will need to wait until the next release and hope it fixes. Many folks are having this issue for years.

2. There is no SOFT RESET anymore by pressing power + tune for 15 sec or press top left or right 15 sec or wheel green phone, red hand up, etc. You can plug out fuse 74 and plug back in. We are not the Uconnect engineers so I can't answer your question on SOFT RESET.

3. Come to the dealership service center by making an appointment and we have a tool to reset.

Isn't this crazy or just me? I have 2 kids who are around 2 years old.. and no tv is just driving all family insane for a long trip... I am not planning to stop by dealership a few times a week or so to reset...

Any dealership took serious enough to figure out actual soft reset availability? For any device, there must be a way to soft reset right? like phone, tv, computer etc...

I am worried this turns out to be worst like complete freezing screen during driving or back camera issue to safely navigate....
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