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Oil filter change

I just changed the filter at 1400 miles and cut it open to see what kind of debris was in there. Not too bad, but you can see some speckles of aluminum as expected. But the oil is clean and the filter looks to be doing its job. I'll probably do it again in another 1500 miles. Super simple. 24mm socket and a rag to grab the filter. Nice and neat.


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More pics

More filter pics


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Oil filter pics

Last pic


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The filter is up top on the left side of the engine cover. It's a black plastic housing with what looks like a black plastic bolt head molded into it. It's 24mm and has a torque spec listed on it on 25nm.

As for the filter, yeah, rock auto has them for 4-5 bucks that includes the o-ring. I got mine through Amazon for $8, a wix filter. Nothing special about it.
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Yup, they make it convenient. I've never used the extractor method for an oil change, I've always preferred to pull the drain plug, but I have a friend that is a Mercedes tech that swears you get more oil out via the extractor down the dipstick tube.
I picked up an extractor pump to use on my daily driver, so I'll probably give it a shot in 5000 miles.
Awesome video, not my guy though. I see why the extractor is the better choice. Time to give mine a shot.

Thanks for the video.
Motor Oil: Certification: Chrysler MS-6395 | Jeep Off Road Adventures

There's a good page about the spec. It's interesting that some conventional oils meet the spec as well, but Mobil 1 doesn't.
I have the same problem.....before draining the oil from my Pacifica 2017, the oil level did not even show on the dipstick. I then drained the oil....it was 5 quarts. I filled the engine with 5-quarts and it did not touch the bottom of the dipstick. I added a 6th quart and now the oil level is registering on the dipstick and is 1/32 of an inch higher than the full mark. I told the dealership that either there is a problem with the oil pan or the Dipstick. They say they can not do anything about it. This is not right and I am not paying +- $50k for a car and then get this kind of deal. If they cannot solve this the minivan goes back to Chrysler!
$50k? Seems a bit steep for a Pacifica? But the oil issue might just be a different pan. These engines are used in quite a few fca vehicles, and there is supposedly a 6quart pan out there as well. I'd rather have the extra oil capacity myself. Heck, my last two cars both held more than 7 quarts, and my newest holds 10 quarts, and other than a few more bucks every oil change, more oil should be better and offer more longevity for the engine. Now, of the dealer does an oil change and they don't fill it up, that's a whole other story and they should fill it till it reads full on the dipstick.
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This is a repeat of information since I realize how difficult it is to find info in the threads.
@fik I suggest you copy the information and take it with you since the service department may not have heard of doing this. My van behaved similarly to what you mentioned.

In Sept. 2017 I had the EGR update and a transmission update done on my van. Although the transmission seemed to be improved overall, I noticed the 15 mph jolt/jerk on acceleration occasionally. By November I thought something needed checked. On Nov. 28 the mechanic "cleared transmission adaptations" which appears to have solved the 15 mph jolt/jerk problem my van was having. It has been over three months now without the problem so it seems fixed. (I have over 20,000 miles on the van.)

I am including more information from the service paper in case it will help.
"Cause: F
S100 Software Update 1939 WD
Software is up to date, recommend clear trans adaptations and let trans relearn to customers driving habits. Reset trans adaptations, Customer advised trans may shift different until trans learns."

The mechanic recommended this solution because he had worked on other 9 speed transmissions and that sometimes when there were software updates, the adaptions aren't cleared and that can cause problems. I really don't understand all of what he told me, but I am posting this in case it will help others. I don't think any error codes showed up; the mechanic suggested the recommended solution based on experience.

I think resetting the adaptations has more to do with clearing possible conflicting codes bogging down the system than really having it conform to my driving habits. I personally think that if the transmission is learning something, it is learning to interact with a human. I doubt if it would make a difference who drives the van.

For those of you who understand transmissions, the mechanic tried to explain that the adaptations/memory? had something to do with how the clutch pack fills up with transmission fluid or something like that.

Again, I really don't understand the fix, but I am just really happy that it worked.

I didn't have a check engine light, but the info above was included in this thread:
I get a similar jolt at times, but mine is more of a slippage from a stop then a jolt as it starts moving. It is similar to my 09 audi with a ZF 6 speed transmission. It did the same thing when the fluid level was low. I replaced 4 liters of fluid and in so doing refilled the trans to the proper level, and all was well. So I’m wondering if the levels are down a bit in the transmission.
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