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Vehicle User Guide in Uconnect

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The Vehicle User Guide says you can access the Guide in Uconnect itself. I don't see that app in my Pacifica. I have a Pacifica Limited with Uconnect 8.4 NAV. I have registered it (and currently have the other Uconnect apps functional as well as the 1 week wifi trial active).

I used Uconnect to ask Vehicle Care about it and after some time bouncing between Uconnect care and Vehicle care, they said "maybe in an update in a few months".

I'm curious if anyone has access to it yet.
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Ah, I don't have that icon in my list of apps.

Thanks Andrea, I will send you my VIN.


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Oops! Can't PM yet, not enough posts.
Update: The user guide has finally made it to my uconnect! Andrea remained in contact and had updates pushed to my car. Took a few weeks, but now I have it.
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