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My question: Is there any way to know just by looking under the hood whether you have the regular radiator or the heavy duty?

Our 2017 recently met a "road gator" on the highway (large piece of truck tire re-tread) at around 60 mph. There was no way to avoid, so we had to go over.
I maintained a firm grip on the wheel, so thankfully we didn't lose control, but after making it to our destination some two miles away, found we could no longer drive the car due to some leakage, hissing and smoke/mist filling the cabin. After towing to a body shop, the damage to our car was determined to be the front grill, shutters, bottom trim, radiator and some hoses. When listing out all the parts they were needing to order (all OEM) the repair shop initially specked out a non-heavy duty radiator (#68217318AB). I called them out on this, as we have the factory tow, and should therefore have the heavy-duty radiator (#68217319AB). I was verbally told all would be right when it was installed.

We have the van back now, and it seems to look alright (aside from the fact the coolant reservoir was nearly bone dry - but that's another issue). I have no real way of know what radiator I have installed, other than their word. I can't see any part numbers stamped on the radiator from looking down into the engine compartment, and I don't really know what I'm looking for, but would love to know visually if there is a way to tell.
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