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Warped Engine Block?!

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I have a 4-year-old Pacifica brand new off the lot. Now has about 67,000 miles on it, of course, just past the manufacturer’s power train warranty. At the 4-year old mark almost on the nose, without any previous issues, the check engine light came on & the car was running “rough” while in idle. Garage identified “head gasket issue.” We brought it to the dealer & filed a claim with Chrysler in shock this could happen to a 4-year-old car. Dealer has had it for a month now & diagnosed “warped engine block” and “needs new catalytic converter due to warped engine block causing coolant to leak into engine cylinder.” Has this happened to anyone?? It was a brand new minivan purchased at a an authorized Chrysler dealership. I am told $10,000 worth of parts & labor work, with a month backlog on parts. I am lost and angry!!! Any suggestions??
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It would be interesting to see just how much a dealer would give for a vehicle they know might need the engine replaced. With the wide variance of fix options between just changing head gasket and changing the whole engine, they would likely offer you a trade based on the worst case scenario. You could win, or the dealer could win.
Perhaps you could try sealing the cylinder head gasket with this agent.

Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket Fix Repair Sealer - 8 Cylinder https://a.co/d/hV0s0fb
Not sure this would be a good idea. Better to bite the bullet and get if fixed properly. Then report it to NHTSA Home | NHTSA so that there can be some pressure put on Chrylser to make this good.

And if the head gasket has been failed for some time, the block may also have been affected/cracked. A bottle of quick fix will never find that.
Not that I should be saying this to you your going through enough already and you have my sympathies but all this head gasket talk is really making me want to sell mine and be done with it and maybe these threads to on this topic, it's enough to depress you to the point everytime I start my car now I worry about some **** head gasket situation when I shouldn't be thinking about this at all .. I'm wondering what the real percentage is of these failures like 1 in 2-3000?? I'm really liking the Carnival I'll think I'll get that soon as much as I love the Pacifica, this is rediculous!!
This is what I have done already. Not willing to take the risk. My 2018 is at the age, but with less miles, about 43K. So a new Rav4 Hybrid I ordered in September of 2022 was in production last week, and expected delivery the middle of February. And starting about a month ago,I also got the issue with the GPS showing incorrect location. So, although I love the vehicle, it gives a chance to downsize a little and to get excellent MPG, around 40+ MPG, during these times with high gas prices.
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