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Warped Engine Block?!

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I have a 4-year-old Pacifica brand new off the lot. Now has about 67,000 miles on it, of course, just past the manufacturer’s power train warranty. At the 4-year old mark almost on the nose, without any previous issues, the check engine light came on & the car was running “rough” while in idle. Garage identified “head gasket issue.” We brought it to the dealer & filed a claim with Chrysler in shock this could happen to a 4-year-old car. Dealer has had it for a month now & diagnosed “warped engine block” and “needs new catalytic converter due to warped engine block causing coolant to leak into engine cylinder.” Has this happened to anyone?? It was a brand new minivan purchased at a an authorized Chrysler dealership. I am told $10,000 worth of parts & labor work, with a month backlog on parts. I am lost and angry!!! Any suggestions??
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Just now having theese same issues with our 2017
Check engine light came one rough idle then low coolant and engine got hot one day. Took it to the dealer and just got our 2500 quote on new head gasket as long as nothings warped when they take it apart. We are furious we bought this used one year ago when our older town and country's transmission went out. So still going to be out the same repair cost and have added a car payment now. Will never buy chrysler again.
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