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What is missing?

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I took my Pacifica in for an issue and the dealership ended up having it for 3 months. That’s a story for another post. I recently went to do a deep cleaning of the interior and found something interesting. When I had both rear seats out of the floor, I saw that something appeared to be missing in the middle section under the floor. The carpet seems to be indented as if something was there but I have no idea what it could be. So here I am. Pics attached.
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Nothing is missing. I see what you're referring to, but it looks fine to me.
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Where's your tire fill/flat kit?
Some go there.
$100 on eBay.
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Looks the same as mine. The open space is perfect for storing my jump box.
It space/studs for higher spec'ed Pacifica's that need extra modules for features. I keep my jump box there.
It looks like mine when the seats aren't stowed. I bought the drop in bins that are molded to fit the space. I think they were a Chrysler accessory but I didn't buy them from Chrysler and paid about half.
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