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What's Your Average Fuel Economy (HYBRID ONLY)?

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I think average fuel economy is limited to 99 based on the artificial ceiling set by Chrysler. Also not sure if it can be reset or resets with the trip odometer.
And yes I need to clean my instrument panel.
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Calculated at the pump after owning my 18 for almost 5 year 58k km, we plugged all the time:
  • 32 mpg on trips (with roof box)
  • 38 mpg city during winter (Canada, parked outside with Pitman preconditioning)
  • 106 mpg city during summer (includes part of trips)
  • 67 mpg lifetime
How do you get over the 99mpg that's displayed?
My calculations are at the pump, not what the cluster says.
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How do you do that though if you are also plugging the vehicle in?
I use an app like Drivvo to keep tabs on mileage and fuel usage, like you would for a normal car.

I don't keep tabs on electricity usage, I can only estimate that since my evse doesn't record kwh.
Thanks, but that doesn't really answer the question. So your numbers posted earlier are based on ignoring the electric contribution to the economy? Kind of a worthless exercise, no?
I'm not ignoring the electric contribution, those numbers are MPG not MPGe. I wouldn't get that mpg without plugging or regen. The cluster calculates something close to MPGe, but it's been debated what it really is and my 18 didn't calculate the same as my 22.

I'm ignoring the electric cost because mine is not metered, hence I can only estimate that cost.
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I think that screen is useless for comparison, since it doesn't have mileage.
Would be better to show your Trip A or B, and mention which model year you have.

I know these trips recycle both average consumption and mileage after a certain amount of miles, so excessive mileages should be discounted.
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2022 since last fill-up:
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Since ownership in Dec 22, note L/100 km is not representative since it rolls over:
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