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What's Your Average Fuel Economy (HYBRID ONLY)?

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Vehicle Gauge Speedometer Measuring instrument Font

I think average fuel economy is limited to 99 based on the artificial ceiling set by Chrysler. Also not sure if it can be reset or resets with the trip odometer.
And yes I need to clean my instrument panel.
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31-32 depleted battery around town or highway doesn't seem to matter.
I think I'm getting about 3.0 miles per kWh, but that's a guessing game, based on estimating how much energy is going in.

If I don't count recharging, then I get about 200 mpg, but that's silly and just depends on your driving/charging habits.
Yeah I was hoping for screenshots of the Hybrid Energy Economy display. That's the only way to work from the same yardstick.
Seems like that would only work if someone drove the same way as the person to whom they were comparing. A PacHy that only goes 20 miles a day and is recharged every night is going to show really high HEE compared to one that runs on gas for a few miles a day/week/month.

I hate all the measures of EV/PHEV efficiency in common use. The only things we should be talking about are MPG, depleted battery start, and Miles / kWh, and never the twain shall meet.

My leafspy on my leaf told me I got 5.6 mi/kWh this morning. My PacHy takes about 10 kWh to go 30 miles. Clearly, the glorified golf cart is more efficient.
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