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What's Your Average Fuel Economy (HYBRID ONLY)?

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Vehicle Gauge Speedometer Measuring instrument Font

I think average fuel economy is limited to 99 based on the artificial ceiling set by Chrysler. Also not sure if it can be reset or resets with the trip odometer.
And yes I need to clean my instrument panel.
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22 and a bit less. I think it's been as low as 19
Speed limits are 65 and 75 and altitude is 420 on i40 to 7000 on i40, within just two counties.

Fuel mileage was never a concern.

I'll sign up for
Worst mileage on this forum.
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Yeah I was hoping for screenshots of the Hybrid Energy Economy display. That's the only way to work from the same yardstick.
These mpg threads, like PSI threads, never work.
They're great ideas, but everyone calculates to win, not to educate.
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Seems like that would only work if someone drove the same way as the person to whom they were comparing. A PacHy that only goes 20 miles a day and is recharged every night is going to show really high HEE compared to one that runs on gas for a few miles a day/week/month.

I hate all the measures of EV/PHEV efficiency in common use. The only things we should be talking about are MPG, depleted battery start, and Miles / kWh, and never the twain shall meet.
As you should and as it should be discussed.


Facts are short if they shorten the win.

For all but few, this electric is a hobby to be justified.
Few win at hobbies, but everyone says they win.
Cost per mile.
Electric, gas, maintenance, charger install, ALL costs to own.


Everything else is fluffing.
Fair enough.
Good luck getting the cook to not add secret ingredients to skew numbers.

So far, that's the problem in the thread.

How about we make it a contest?
A picture of your dash disclosing what the dash says(equal as I can think of) over how many miles.

No rumor, no downhill only, just a screen shot.
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Longer miles supports truth.
If it's a short run, disqualify.
1,000 miles at 42 mpg wins hands down over 99 mpg for 10 miles.

The justify/enhance people will ferret themselves out in the obviously purposeful skew.
Some folk will have to look that dash right in the eye and quit lying to themselves, potential Pac purchasers will have a base to peruse.

I think it would be a fun thread.
Someone mentioned LEAF.

isn't the leaf dash guage a gas mileage game?
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I'm pretty sure that, even if you don't charge it, it doesn't handle regen correctly either, so if you have any significant hills it won't be correct anyway.
All but totally useless?
A visual fidget spinner?
1200mpg on electric means you didn't buy 40 gallons of gas at $5per gallon.
40g x $5= $200.
(I inflated gas and deflated mpg to 30 so we have numbers skewed in electrics favor)

How many months does the 1200 miles represent?

If it's 2 months, you saved $100 per month.(it can't be 2 months. 30 mile limit x 30 days is 900...but we're skewing toward electric. We know it's 4 months based on reality, 3 months if regen is maxed+)
I haven't the foggiest notion of the electric cost(let's not contaminate the convo with talk of 'free at work').

Someone post their cost per mile for their home electric, then we can carry on.

So far, no home electric factored, it looks like the break even, at a fantastic 1200mpg for 5 years straight, is 5 years. THEN for the NEXT 5 years you save $50 per month.

break even is not a profit. The NEXT time-factor is a 50% return on investment.

(My math is often off by a factor of 10 to encourage others to punch in their own, real, numbers)
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because the skew is rampant and potential purchasers might want to read something not so
PollyAnna meets full blown purposeful inaccuracy.

Less than 30 miles a day.
Perfectly sensible. I'd buy one.

20,000 miles a year.
I'm not sure how 30 miles x 30 days being 900 miles, plus regen, figures.

I'm seeing a gallon of gas a day x 30 days, no stow and go and (I think) less hp)

But, I'm not seeing it as already purchased. I'm seeing it as a minimum savings, I'm not interested in a new hobby, scenario.

Average means, basically;
Many. Get. Less.
Do you consider your scenario average or is it extraordinary and shouldn't be expected?
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...At the end of the ride one of the ladies said, “I like your v(vehicle). It runs so smooth....
They say the same of my 3/4 ton Avalanche.

polite appreciation
provable quantity.

It's not a thing.
You can feel the 500hp.
It isn't a
Seat of the pants nice lady feeling.
It is the exact same comment.

I don't think a random lady's singular statement represents a GROUP experiencing the exact same things.
The other ladies DID NOT comment.
This says the bulk of the riders had no input as their ride was not uncommon enough to comment on.

One of many is anomoly territory.

She might drive and is comparing a Bradley tank for all we know.
She will say it about every vehicle that rides better than a Bradley.
Polite praise does not a factual statement make.
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Well, I wasn’t staying it as a fact. In fact, the feeling of “smooth” is somewhat subjective I suppose. But regardless of that I know what she is talking about and what she means because I drive the van all the time.

When asked why I seek real truths, not esoterics from electric folks;
This scenario is why.
A tainted view based on slightness and that post-purchase view wanting to manifest as superiority.

It's not a bad thing.
Not even close to a bad thing.
It is sure nothing to base a purchase on.

People who haven't yet purchased read these posts.
They need to know real, not realities perceived in a way to justify prior purchase.

Miles vs cost seems to be beyond ability because, we're now deep into this thread, and it can't be found as a standard.
Butt feel is asked to be accepted as real.
Gages are asked to be ignored.
Hills are asked to be excused.
Rebates, that used buyers won't get are asked as an offset.
Eventual battery replacement? Like breathing on Mars,...
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trolling accusation.
Tantamount to grammar correcting.
Cvt is fine.
I've had them.
I've had a powerglide and it was nice too.
No problem. Cvt is nice, I'd have one without qualms.
Cvt is not a contributor to cost vs miles not being produced in this thread as a standard.

Mileage is the question, not ride.

The individual misrepresentations, and even the misrepresenters recognizing ANY standard are why I ask;
How much per mile does it cost to drive your electric?

The screen shot of the dash is just too much proof?
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Just chalk that up to user error.
I can chaulk it up to user error/need.

I don't think it's fair for personal delusions/errors to be presented as fact to folk about to spend $63k.
Objective can be definitive IF the definer wants the facts known.
My guess is pictures of the dash do not support the rhetoric.

Not only 9 speed vs cvt
What would stow and go sell for as an option?

It evens out.
$30 in insulation of the wheel wells and you can't hear my engine and I've never felt it shift.
I'm not so delicate as to know if I felt it or not.
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$5750 EPA dreaming is less than $100 per month over 5years. That's as high as they dared to punch.

The chart says $2400-$1250
Is the difference annually in fuel cost.
$100 a month(on an EPA dream)

How long until the premium cost (and what is the premium, I don't know)is paid and the charger is paid?

What is break even on a used (less rebate)?

Unless I'm very metropolitan, I bet that $100 erases itself pretty quickly on rural/long distance.

It says the EPA dream savings is $1.50 for 25 miles, times 21 work days a month... That's $30 monthly savings as a commute car. Man, that's a long break even.

Why is 'gas only' cost so much much less on the electric? Magic? Hp? Driving style EPA anticipates from ev buyers?

THIS is how someone not being influenced by want(for wants sake) reads that sticker.

Plays the biggest part in the electric Pac decision.

Premium paint color
After market wheels
Are wants justified.
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Is yours an anomaly of use?
You're 1 in 5,000.

I really miss my electrics. So quiet, so easy. No mess, no fuss.

I still have a dozen 6v batteries here from my ranch carts. I gave the carts away(some golf carts have 1,000 payloads).
I Upgraded to rangers and sportsmans due to more ability.

My next Polaris ranger will be electric.
It's a want I'll pay the premium for.

I'm all for electric.
I'm just not for justifications and self-told-tales being passed on to newbs as gospel instead of gossip.

That's all.
Electric folk post the pics as proof, or I guess it's a guess.
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Ymmv is indeed the answer. Thank you.

'My sole experience is the dearest of fact for all involved'
Posts in this forum are tiresome.

Comparison Creates.
Someone admitted esoterics are important?
That's the strongest post so far.

Thank you.
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