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What's Your Average Fuel Economy (HYBRID ONLY)?

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I think average fuel economy is limited to 99 based on the artificial ceiling set by Chrysler. Also not sure if it can be reset or resets with the trip odometer.
And yes I need to clean my instrument panel.
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22 and a bit less. I think it's been as low as 19
Speed limits are 65 and 75 and altitude is 420 on i40 to 7000 on i40, within just two counties.

Fuel mileage was never a concern.

I'll sign up for
Worst mileage on this forum.
This has to be a non hybrid model, correct?
Thanks. I have been seeking a new ultimate work minivan. Mileage being pinnacle. My Odyssey gets under 20 mpg in town and touches 30mpg on long trips driven at 65mph. Is the hassle of unknown automotive failure risk offset by the gas savings? (and the astronomical prices the dealers desire for a 2021 used model hyb ltd- w/3 pane roof)?
1 - 2 of 151 Posts