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I just picked up Platinum from dealer last night.

When I picked up the vehicle, salesperson explains that there was onstar like tracking system on the vehicle and showed weird looking button right next to head light switches.

Then I looked at the window sticker and found there was $495 charge for that MOPAR tracking system (EVTS)

I'm very familiar with Uconnect access and I asked sales person that why there's tracking system when there's Uconnect access built in for tracking and checking charging status. He just shrugged and said that's how chrysler packaged the order and they couldn't modify it other than change priority 1 as sold order.

I looked at other cars window sticker and there're few cars that has that $495 tracking system built in but it disappears throughout the day. so, I think that might have been added to most of sold orders (about 700 customers who are eligible for Level 2 chargers or $500 visa card).

Does yours come with this tracking system? Did you put deposit and changed status to 'sold order'?


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