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Who Uses a Parking Brake and Why

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I can count on one hand the number of times I have felt it necessary to use a parking brake in over 55 years of driving. A couple of parking situations in downtown Seattle and San Francisco come to mind. I have always relied on the transmission and or the combination of transmission engine compression to keep my auto parked safely. How popular is the use of a parking brake. I note the Pacifica has an auto parking brake feature.
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The car I got rid of for my gas pacific (seems that a lot of topics relevant to both versions are being posted in PHEV area recently) was a sub-compact car with a 5 speed manual. The owners manual said to always use the parking brake so I always did. after 10.5 years, the parking brake worked just fine.

Note that the Pacifica owner's manual implies that you should always use the parking brake when parking the car. I like the auto parking brake feature, but it occasionally doesn't work correctly, and you need to actually press the button to disengage the brake, or start over and put the car back in park, then back into gear. I suspect this might be times when the driver doesn't push down on the regular brake hard enough when shifting, but I'm not sure. This feature also only works if you have your seat belt buckled.
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