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wifi hotspot with AT&T no longer available

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Went to go sign up with AT&T for the mobile hotspot for our summer vacation and the web site tells me it's no longer available for my 2018 Pacifica. Huh? I've had it maybe a half dozen times over the past 5 years. I called the number and they said they have a technical issue that has not been resolved and are no longer accepting new subscribers until it is resolved. No idea as to when that might be. I did a search here and this apparently has been going on since at least April.

So does anyone know what is going on? The service was always spotty, going all the way back to 2018. Lots of pulled fuses and various craziness to get things to work. So I guess I understand, but I'm now thinking it may never come back.
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I just spoke with a service advisor at my Jeep dealership and he said the issue is that with the Stellantis takeover of FCA, they are changing carriers. AT&T will no longer be the carrier for Chrysler vehicles and he thinks they are going with T Mobile. They will definitely get it back up and running but now sure when.
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