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I spoke to the local parts department and was told Chrysler does not offer wiper refills (and that other manufacturers don't do that anymore, which isn't true). I found this answer frustrating because most Asian manufacturers still offer this. Not only is the cost usually 50% less for the refills it results in a lot less waste.

Needless to say I went and checked the rear blade and I was able to pull the rubber out of the blade and put it back in without issue. This makes me think you'd just need to find the correct length from another manufacturer.

(Me venting)
Slightly off this topic - I love the van but I'm definitely not a fan on Chrysler so far. They seem to force customers into more expensive parts options, first the wiper blades and then smartkeys. I can't believe they have it setup so you can't reprogram smartkeys.
1 - 1 of 44 Posts