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Winter Wheels

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Anyone keep a separate set of wheels and tires for the winter months? I'm not sure what the advantages are but I have the option to buy a used set.
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Has anyone just bought a second set of rims from their dealer?
I tried looking up the cost of rims from the Chrysler website, but it says there are no parts available for a 2022 hybrid.
Anyone know what's up with that? There doesn't seem to be much of anything available for 2022 model year.
For my Tesla I was able to buy a set of rims and winter tires already mounted with sensors right from their website. It was super easy and the price was pretty reasonable at $500 per wheel considering the hassle factor. They sent them to the service center which installed them for no additional cost. I would do the same for the Pacifica, but can't figure out how.
I checked out Tirerack, but all of their wheel options are pretty bad looking. I'd much rather have OEM rims even if they cost more.
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