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Z11 Recall Repair Experience

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I took my 2018 Pacifica Hybrid in for service under the Z11 recall. Here was my experience:

- When I arrived, the technician looked at the recall and said, “Oh, this stupid one. I don’t know who came up with this.” He expressed very low confidence that this “inspection” was anything other than a facade.

- The dealership did not know they were supposed to provide transportation and did not have a loaner car available for me. They essentially took the keys and said “See ya in two days.” When I complained, the service manager came in and managed to find an available Fiat 500.

- The recall took from Weds morning to Friday morning.

- When I picked up my car, it was as I left it. They did not fuel the vehicle or vacuum it. The oil change indicator was on (since I’ve been using the engine more than usual), but they did not bother changing oil.

- They did not mention or offer any kind of courtesy service package.

All in all, par for the course for Chrysler by this point. I joked with the technician I’d be seeing him again in six months when cars start burning again.
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I dropped our 2018 PacHy off at the local dealer on 11/16/22 and picked it up the following week. All requested service work was completed as usual. I have yet to receive a voucher from Chrysler for the three oil changes associated with the recall. Has anyone else had this problem?
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