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Was Your Battery Replaced Under Recall?


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Creating this thread to document the following:
• the process from the time you call the dealer for service;
• the outcome for each Z11 PacHY recall and whether your battery gets replaced or not.

For those who had a battery replaced, can you also list the dealership who worked on your vehicle?

EDIT: Added the Recall Service Procedures:

RCRIT-22V077-7110.pdf (nhtsa.gov)

I called my dealer and they hadn't yet heard that parts were available. They are looking into it and will call me back.
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Took our van in on Friday.. no loaner/rental. They got it around 8:40 am and it was in for the front making noise, VRM dead, clicking in the dash, and the Z11 recall. They called me at 3:28 PM the same day telling me the Z11 was done and that I could get it as the parts for the front end(they claim just a single strut) and VRM would take till late next week + the clicking in the dash they opened a star case. So they "did the recall" all in the span(if they worked on it all day) in less than 7 hours along with all the other stuff(which the recall clearly states it is supposed to sit). So my guess is it was not performed properly at all. I brought it up with them twice and the guy I guess got annoyed with me the second time and told me "the service manager himself signed off on it". I'm guessing it was the service manager who walked out at that time to but I just stopped trying to argue with them and asked about the strut and how others (firestone) had told me they thought it was the control arm and why they thought it was just a strut.

Anyways long story short I got it home and charged it. Here is the weird thing.. A check engine light comes on when it's turned on without the brake and it begins to start flashing constantly for like 10 seconds then stops and turns solid. If you start the van though it doesn't have a check engine light. If you read the codes with Alfaobd it doesn't show any codes logged even when it's actively flashing and I can replicate it. Van still lets me drive it as well.

Oh yeah.. also no free fuel, carwash, vacuum, but they did have it charged to 88%
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Hey everyone. So I can't take my van back until Friday so I got to thinking maybe I'll do a quick check of coolant levels, maybe the tech didn't use a vac-n-fill for the battery cooling system after replcement. Here's some pics of what I found the main engine coolant reservoir is overfilled the battery system was well below minimum and what I assume is the inverter cooling system was just perfect. I took coolant from the overfilled reservoir and put it in the battery reservoir put it to the max line and turned on the van and like magic no more light and my code went to history. So I'm gonna keep an eye on it tomorrow and if it moves at all it's going back Friday. I hope Chrysler plans on taking care of us some how. I haven't had a cleaned or fueled vehicle on my last two visits for warranty.
Yeah if the batteries are anything like the Bolt EV there is a very specific procedure to be followed to "burp" them. Our Bolt EV's coolant was too low after the battery replacement because they didn't wait for the last part of the procedure... Ended up just filling it up with coolant specifically for the car myself so I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore.
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They didn't swap the battery. Would low coolant cause a POE15? Wondering if I should just add some, or let Chrysler look at it. Just seems strange it happened after they had it.
Go to your van and turn it to run without pressing the brake.(make sure it's plugged in while doing this) then turn on the heater and check the "hybrid" window on the uconnect screen. Is there power being drawn by the climate system?
Climate system draws 7KW and blows hot air.
well that is good.. hmm it could technically be low coolant but the coolant they use in our vans is a special type. I wouldn't recommend just going to autozone or whatever and buying it. You need to buy the mopar brand that it says on the lids. (at least that is what I've done)
Wonder where it went. No spots in the garage. I will ask Chrysler tomorrow if they checked or changed the coolant during their recall testing. It failed a couple of times before it passed. Seems like they would have checked basic things like coolant levels if it failed for unknown reasons.

Why did you need to buy some?
Mine was low on delivery and they wouldn't add.....
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