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Was Your Battery Replaced Under Recall?


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Creating this thread to document the following:
• the process from the time you call the dealer for service;
• the outcome for each Z11 PacHY recall and whether your battery gets replaced or not.

For those who had a battery replaced, can you also list the dealership who worked on your vehicle?

EDIT: Added the Recall Service Procedures:

RCRIT-22V077-7110.pdf (nhtsa.gov)

I called my dealer and they hadn't yet heard that parts were available. They are looking into it and will call me back.
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How long did the service take? I dropped my car off for the recall today and was told to expect it back tomorrow. A bit inconvenient to have no car when I need to get the whole family to school and work tomorrow morning.
They are suppose to provide a loaner.
This is their checklist.

✓ Proactively reach out to customers regarding recall repair scheduling (utilize Open
Recall list)
✓ Schedule repair considering repair requires 1.5 days and access to a charging port
✓ If requested, dealer to provide pickup of Pacifica PHEV and/or delivery of loaner
✓ Dealer to provide alternative transportation (in alignment with Goodwill Alternate
Transportation guidelines on Warranty Bulletin D-22-01 Rev C unless otherwise
o Alt 1) Courtesy Transportation loaner - something comparable as able
o Alt 2) Rental Vehicle
o Alt 3) Existing Rental - If consumer is already in an approved rental maintain
through remedy fix
o Alt 4) Ride Share, Dealership Pickup and Delivery, or Shuttle Service (to and
from Dealer)
✓ Every Pacifica PHEV will be returned with a full charge
✓ Every Pacifica PHEV will be retuned with a full tank of fuel
✓ At time of scheduling, ask customer if they would like there Pacifica PHEV returned
with exterior and interior wash
o Receive complimentary exterior car wash
o Front interior carpet will be vacuumed
o Front wiped out (dash, steering wheel, and armrest)
✓ Ensure protective covering have been removed from seat and footwells
✓ Car will be returned with customer preferences of seat position, radio station, and
temperature settings returned the same as when the vehicle was brought in
✓ Any other customer concerns on repair orders have been completed
✓ Dealer to follow up with customer within 72 hrs. post recall completion
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14.7 is normal for a running car. It is at the top of the normal range, but not an issue.
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Glad I already replaced my blend door a few months back. On yours I really think they should have paid to replace it though as they can't do the recall without it.

My vehicle is low mileage as it's a 2018 with less than 12k on it
That is low. My 2018 has about 64K, and I just dropped it off yesterday for the recall. Most that millage is battery also. We plug it into 220v ever time it pulls into the garage.
Just had my recall done on a 2018 w/ 64K on it. It took two weeks due to the Holidays and having to retest it, but it passed. Chrysler kept telling the dealership that it failed and that they needed to retest it. The dealership assumed it was because of the temperature, but they didn't know for sure. Seems like the test is a black box for the dealership They do X, it gives them Y, and Chrysler tells them what to do next. They can not interpret the test results.

I also asked about the Essential Car Package (2 yrs oil change / tire rotation). They said corporate would send me something after the recall showed up as completed in their system. The dealership doesn't handle that. Did anyone else get anything from corporate about it?
Well mine now has the POE15 code after the recall fix. I looked at the coolant tanks and one of mine is below minimum also. I will be calling the dealership Monday. Did they even have to do anything with the coolant as part of this recall?
It wouldn’t seem like the coolant should be messed with unless they had to do something like replace the HV battery pack.
They didn't swap the battery. Would low coolant cause a POE15? Wondering if I should just add some, or let Chrysler look at it. Just seems strange it happened after they had it.
Go to your van and turn it to run without pressing the brake.(make sure it's plugged in while doing this) then turn on the heater and check the "hybrid" window on the uconnect screen. Is there power being drawn by the climate system?
Climate system draws 7KW and blows hot air.
well that is good.. hmm it could technically be low coolant but the coolant they use in our vans is a special type. I wouldn't recommend just going to autozone or whatever and buying it. You need to buy the mopar brand that it says on the lids. (at least that is what I've done)
Wonder where it went. No spots in the garage. I will ask Chrysler tomorrow if they checked or changed the coolant during their recall testing. It failed a couple of times before it passed. Seems like they would have checked basic things like coolant levels if it failed for unknown reasons.

Why did you need to buy some?
Well the POE15 code / check engine light came on and went off a few times for a day, but has been off all yesterday and today. So, I don't know if the update had anything to do with it or not. I haven't added any coolant yet either, so that isn't the issue either.
I was one of the "lucky" ones to need a battery replacement. 2 days after I got it back I got the maintenance light for the hybrid system (not the engine check light). Code reader shows coolant warnings. 2 of the tanks are way way above MAX - almost to the cap. The third (smallest of the three) is almost empty. Decided to just take it back to them to deal with it. While there I was informed I should not be surprised if I get called back to redo the entire Z11. Apparently there is the possibility of an update to the procedure that will require everyone to get it done again...
So, is the coolant levels connected some how? I think you are the 3rd person including myself to notice the levels are off after you got it back.

Interesting that they said everyone may have to have it done again. I haven't heard that before. My dealership doesn't have indoor charging and with the temp below 50 now, do they plan to ship it somewhere else to run tests again.
I just checked the nhtsa and they have an updated 5th revision from Dec now. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2022/RCRIT-22V077-2535.pdf
Did you already read it to see what changed?
Did anyone ever get a letter from Chrysler about the two yrs.of oil changes and tire rotations. The dealership said I would get a letter from corporate, but that has been well over a month now.
Yeah. Mine is in the shop again. Been in for over a week now due to a cracked heat exchanger. And will be back when they figure out how to fix the next recall I just got on it. A sales guy from the dealership calls me today, and says I see you have had your car in the shop for repairs recently. Then asked, have you thought about trading it in to buy another one. I almost laughed. If you know my car is in the shop a lot, why would you think I would buy another one from you????? I really like running on electricity, but this is my first and last Chrysler.
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Mine failed several times. Due to temperature? And finally it passed and they gave it back. So, a fail doesn't mean new battery.
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